Firstly, Second Life has been a royal pain in the ass to me after its spanking new update. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I’ve done nothing today. Walked around, was bored while walking around, sat around, was bored while sitting around, and while I rarely accomplish anything in a regular day (in SL or RL – that I actually derive pleasure from) I believe today has peaked every other day at the How Little Shane Has Done game. When I started SL, Clear and I hung out together every night and every day, then when she brought me back into it, we did the same thing. I love doing varied things, too, I really don’t mind as long as it’s entertaining and doesn’t keep me as jumpy and ADD as my avatar’s AO, but I always want that snippet of time where things are like they were. Makes everything in (second)life mean a little more, I guess. When my best friend, Charlotte Bodenhall, went offline to watch Dexter and Clear remained at work – what’s work? – I threw on some random pieces of clothing I had in my inventory and played Alternative Barbie. Here’s what I came up with today.


The look of disdain was after my first brush with the deadly crash, but after another ten, I wound up bawling my eyes out over the fact it was almost 4AM, and I hadn’t even got a single picture down yet to start this, let alone started up a style card or anything. Sometimes I like to wear fangs I got in a DCS pack. I wanted more but the only ones I could find were from Xcite! and I really don’t need to see any more anal plugs again in my life, after that. I mean, I’d be fairly appreciative. Still, interactive clits, eh? Anyway, Clear and I are both gigantic True Blood fans (which came back this past weekend!) so when I play vampire, it’s a tribute to Bill Compton. But I digress…


Hair- [COLORS] Men’s Hair Shop 30 Black Pack
Tie- Bliensen + MaiTai Tie Referee (free with the Make Him Over hunt)
Belt- /artilleri/ pyramid stud belt
Glasses- /artilleri/ Buddy glasses
Bracelets- ::HH:: Hucci Jelly Bangle Primary
Earrings- *Red Skull Para* Earring smalllong cross silver
Pants- ACTION Womens Punk Zipz Red Rave
Sneakers- ACTION Black Chex – Skate Shoes
Shirt- [LCKY] Cassette Tape Shirt


June 17, 2009. Tags: , , , . Fashion, Style.

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