Circa Skin from Cashmere and Obligatory “I went to the Hair Fair” Post!

Greetings, and Happy Father’s Day! A few days ago, Gianna Broda of Cashmere was gracious enough to let a few people test out the new Circa Skin she’s working on and fortunately for me she was gracious enough to allow me to try it before it’s out for sale. I squeed with delight because I’m bit of a skin whore and I was already a fan of Vive and Poker Face skins. I tried on the new Circa skin and though I was in love with it, it didn’t quite suite my shape. 😦 So today I finally got off my lazy bum and decided to make a shape from scratch that would cater to her wonderful skin and this is what I came up with:

Cashmere - Circa Skins

IMMEDIATELY I fell in love with it. I love the way she constructed the eyebrows and I’ve always been a fan of skins that have a smokey eye. The lips are absolutely kissable. I love what she did with them. I’m also a huge fan on the body shading. If this is just the beta then I cannot wait to see what the final product will look like. I’m definitely impressed and saddened because I don’t have this talent.


(Clear: (Dernier Cri) Michelle & Shane: *ARGRACE* ~ Fedora Hat “Mystic bob” )

Just like pretty much everyone else who cares about hair on this Grid, Shane and I detached everything, dressed in a homemade newbie white outfit we conjured up with, and ran to the hair fair. Second Life picked the worst time to start acting up because for most of the day, one of the sims that was hosting the hair fair was offline. Luckily for me it was the one I fell into at midnight on Saturday. Nonetheless, Shane and I lagged, fought to get through at sim crossings, and managed to come back with a few hairs we’d like to show you right after the cut. I want to thank Sasy Scarborough from coming up with a completely useful guide for the hair fair. Happy Hunting!

( Clear: [Zobovic] Bluhnt & Shane: Miau Haus ^^ Vasean Hair )

( Clear: Maitreya – Bo & Shane: Ingenue :: Hair Fair Gift :: Torchsong Updo )

( Clear: [Curio] Post Ironic 1 & Shane: [Curio] Post Ironic 2 )

( Clear: (Posh) Alice is emo & Shane: SkyShop YMNY ZEN Fatima II Dreads )

( Clear: >TRUTH Hair< Sophia & Diversity & Shane: *DH*Trent-Naturals (Men's Gift Bag) )

( Clear: !lamb. Dog Roses & Shane: REDLIC #034CN )

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