Baby girl, if you got the time, take off!

It was hot yesterday and is hotter today. Don’t you love that? Well, since it was hot irl, it was hot in SL (don’t ask how that works) so I walked around all day without a shirt. Boys can do it!

hot dayz

Hair- Defectiva Grease Trap BRN (from the hair fair)
Body paint- *Sanu D. Green Pen (from a vendor)
Belt- Reek – I Heart Themes Belt
Jeans- *REDGRAVE* JEANS Used-Look
Shoes- PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor V2


June 24, 2009. Tags: , , , . Fashion, Style.


  1. Kala L replied:

    Recently discovered your blog and have been having a nice time looking back through your entries, love to see some androgynous style for the girls in SL, it seems to be so rare! Also, any L Word references are happily received by me =D

    I wanted to ask you where you got this great skin you are wearing here, it’s wonderfully done, I’m always looking for good (in my view) skin designers so I’d be really grateful if you’d share =)

    Keep up the blogging!

    Kala x

  2. Shane Kirshner replied:

    hey there kala, thank you so much for reading and liking what you see. this skin is curio, june2. i can’t find a skin that looks as good on me as this one does, so it saves me a little money. you get 8 different skin choices with each make up, and is one hell of a bargain. please keep reading!

  3. Kala Lunasea replied:

    Hi Shane, thanks for letting me know, checked the skins and they are fabulous!

    I will indeed keep reading, you and Clear seem really nice, I like your personable styles of blogging =) Plus it’s nice to have a ‘les girls’ blog to read admidst all the others out there =D You have something a little unique going on here. Much appreciated.

    K x

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