I’m so vain, I know this blog is about me.

Real life is standing in the way of me sleeping right now, when I was actually, eventually, going to. I also belatedly realised I’ve blogged this top before, but since it’s one of my favourite tanks in all aspects, there’s no real harm in doing it again. I don’t know how today (or, to be technical, yesterday) was swallowed so fast, but I wish for a second that the world would slow down and give me a little more time to breathe, in all realms of life. Anyone? Bueller? Cutting back to yesterday, since I’m writing the blog today that I thought I was going to be writing tomorrow, though today (once again) technically is both tomorrow and yesterday, if you look at it from different angles, I wore the same outfit from waking up to going to bed to… waking up again, permitting the slight change in accessories. The sum of these parts?

I have no AnyLife.


Hair- * Zero Style * Euphoria *(Dark Chocolate)
Duct tape- [kiLiebe] ducttape face
Top- Schadenfreude White Noir Skelebeater, women’s
Gloves- [Sassy Kitty Designs] Faded Skull Leather Gloves
Pants- !ZB: Cali Jeans
Shoes- Action Black Chex – Skate Shoes
Boxers- BALACLAVA!! undiebox bull’s eye/BLACK


June 30, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . Fashion, Look of the Day, Style.

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