New stuff from Aoharu.


It’s no secret. I like to put things in my mouth. Well, only in Second Life©. Well, that’s the only place I’ll admit to. When it was Christmas, I used to wear this candy cane in my mouth with every single outfit. Finally, I found a store that caters to my needs. Somethin’ In Your Mouth caters to my needs. Items here range from IPods to candy to lipstick to the weirdest things I wouldn’t ever want to put in my mouth. Most of the stuff is under 100L and with two levels, I’m sure you can come out with something if you like to put somethin’ in your mouth just like me.


AOHARU released a new baggy t-shirt and everyone on the grid seems to be blogging about it. I couldn’t help myself when I saw the shirts. It reminds me of eighties when it was the cool thing to hang your shirt off of your shoulders. (Thank you Jennifer Beals for that.) I matched it up with some leggings I’ve had in my inventory for years now that doesn’t seem to go out of style and some blue heels to give it an eighties feel. That’s all I have for now. ❤ Tuesdays drain me.

Mouth: Somethin’ In Your Mouth – Cherries and American Flag
Hair: !Lamb (Cherry)
Leggings: Armidi Limited – Metallic Tights (Hot Pink)
Heels: Juicy – Juicy Classic Pump (Blueberry)
Shirt: AOHARU – Off the Shoulder Baggy T-Shirt (Lightening)


July 1, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Look of the Day, Review.

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