Amazing hoodie with 3 wearable styles from [JP] Design!

I was roaming the world a few days ago with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Sometimes I like to roam around the Grid as I would in real life, should I have the means. There are so many things to see and so many places to go that, by the time I think I’ve seen everything, I discover a hell of a lot more. After sitting by a tree trunk with a book for around 20 minutes, I started to look around the sim with a TPed Clear in tow and found a store called [JP] Design. Inside it was a few things I wanted, and had to buy. Most particularly, however, the newest item introduced was a hoodie. Big whoop, right? Everywhere has hoodies. Though this may be true, for 329L, both men and women can get three different, funky, wearable styles to throw on and mix and match with their outfits. The only outer colour you can get is black; something that doesn’t really bother me because I prefer wearing dark colours, but you can customize the colour of the inside, choosing between one of six.

I threw them on to model.


Style 1 is my favourite, so far. I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely worn my hoodies like this IRL when I’ve been too hot, and I’m just over the moon to see something different. The detail – and this goes for all three styles – is almost perfect. It actually looks like fabric. I love how the arm is thrown over the shoulder there, and I love how it looks crumpled to the point of realism. Love it!


Style 2 is your regular hoodie. Again, though, the detail is fine (in my eyes) and what’s that I spy; drawstrings? YES. I don’t know why they make me excited, but hey, they do. The resize scripts are pretty dead on, too, so you can customize the hoodie to fit your avatar. Like I said earlier, there’s a male version and a female version, so be sure to buy the right one or you’re SOL.


Style 3 has the hoodie tied around your waist. I love this one, too. Perfect accessory if you’re sick of wearing belts, similar to the shirt from *COCO* but a hoodie. I think it looks awesome.

I also went to check out [JP]s main store today, and I dig the place like nothing else. It’s worth checking out. A Metro/Subway type set up with exploding civilians, a train and seats to sit down and chill out on while you play Ewan McGregor and watch the trains zip by. Filled my Silent Hill 3-loving heart with supreme joy.

Here, hop on at your nearest station. Check out the clothes there. I’ll definitely be coming back, and can’t wait for the next new release – where’s that group board when you need it?

Other Items Worn

Hair- a.C – STD.GloXhair [DeepseA]
Bracelets- ::Lostwood-Skully Pearly Bracelet:: and E! Dotty 80’s Bangles (Blue)
Necklace- ::Lostwood-Magical Sword Chain::
Mouth- [kiLiebe] Guitar Pick Chew
Jeans- * Ibizarre Boyfriend Jeans
Sneakers- >TRUTH< Wests (hairfair gift)
Tank- Primitive Design_Elapsed tank shirt – babyblue


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