Evergreen Falls!

A brand new sim that had its opening yesterday  – open to bloggers the day before – on the Island of Silk! I didn’t manage to get here on the Friday, and Saturday was party time (excellent!) so I came back today and shot some shots of this magnificently constructed sim crafted by Sephia Ellison. I was listening to Fleet Foxes when I TPed in today, and the music completely personified the sim for me, in three words: serene, peaceful, beautiful.

Evergreen Falls has everything; furniture stores, four different games, fishing, a shape store, photography store and best of all, a giant green dinosaur. My graphics card doesn’t really pull together how amazing this place really is. It keeps failing on mid, bringing lines and choppiness to the pictures I did take in various places throughout the sim.

Pretty soon, there’ll even be a karaoke club, which I really can’t wait for – I want to hear Ms Aya Liotta sing again – where karaoke parties will be held, bringing both friends and strangers together under one roof to listen to Clear Canning breathe heavily to an assortment of 80’s classics, or hear JD Cribs, Seattle Barbosa and many others DJ in the same vicinity. I’m thinking there’ll be many a party, and I’m thinking there’ll be a hell of a lot of fun to come.

I previously mentioned the four different games (located by a waterfall that, if you have your sounds at the right level, helps create a calm enough atmosphere to wipe the floor with your opponent to) like Una, Greedy Greedy, Canoga and SLopoly – I dread to look forward to a time in which I have every inch of my concentration to kick ass at – people will leave crying.

But only if you play me; otherwise, you’ll have a blast looking around or chilling out at this sim. You might even run into one of the members of the family that run it, all of whom are the sweetest people known to man.

Now for a list of stores. See if I can tempt you just a teensy bit more.

ABODE – Owned by Aya Liotta, sells the highest quality housing.

Imagine Kids – Owned by Linsay Aya. Imagine Kids sells a diversity of items… furniture, accessories and an awesome xylophone! (Not to mention my BFF, the dinosaur!)


Phi – Owned by Sephia Ellison, I demand you check this girls work out. The amount of detail she puts into her pieces makes you instantly fall in love with them.

Phi Shapes – Owned by Sephia Ellison; it is as it says. A shape store!

The Shrubbery – Owned by Keikei Baxton. It’s in a quiet little house on the top of a hill. Inside you’ll find Rustic Furniture alongside a variety of medieval items and boats (one of which you can scope at the dock outside!)

RSVP – Owned by Aya Liotta. RSVP makes custom invitations for events. Have a look inside! The invite to the sim opening actually came in one and it was a hell of a lot of fun seeing that over a generic notecard/landmark combination. Not to say that that’s bad…

SEAL Photography – Ran by Sephia Ellison and Aya Liotta. They both take really great pictures. Seph even took the one for my tip jar.

So, kiddies, have an all expences paid Shane Airlines flight right on over to Evergreen Falls. You’ll see SL through brand new eyes.

July 12, 2009. Review.


  1. Kelly Stone replied:

    When is the next flight?

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