If you use Cloe you are Chic.

Cloe Main

That’s the tagline to the new store I went by this evening called Cloe. I’ve just been blogging about my SL inquiries with Shane for a month now, but I know what I like. SweetCandy Magic has one of the cutest stores I’ve seen in a while and everything is at a reasonable price.

Cloe Store 1

Cloe Store 2

This store reminds me of Fishy Strawberry, Mimiriki and Candy Nail all in one! Yes. She also sells the cutest prim nails that varies from animal print to these cute chocolate prim nails. I bought two outfits from there just to show you the cute things you can get from there. Did I mention pretty much everything in there is under 200L?

Cloe Back

Cloe Front

Here is the SURL to the store so you can get directly there and buy some awesome things for yourself!



July 12, 2009. Uncategorized.

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