New Skin Alert! Fukin Fonuts!


Yesterday I was TPing into Foam when all of a sudden I noticed that Foam wasn’t there anymore. I looked at the properties of one of my hairs from Foam to see if the owner of the hair store got a new location and I didn’t know about it. Nothing. Nada! This is a mystery I need to solve because I loved the hair there.

While I was there, there were a group of people who were looking for Foam. One in particular named Nic Delvalle complimented me on my shoes and after a short conversation, I found out she makes skins! I asked where her store was so I can check it out and she told me currently she’s working on a store, but she is selling her skin items out of her inventory. I asked for a demo and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.




That’s Shane by the way modeling the skins on her shape. The things I always look for when I buy the skin are how the eye make up is constructed and whether or not they have painted on eyelashes. Sometimes I forget to wear my prim lashes so if a skin has good eyelashes drawn on it, I’m sold. This skin has both. The body shading is pretty decent and it has one of the cutest butts I’ve ever seen.

Nic's Skins3

She’s currently working on a name for her skins so I can’t tell you which skin is what. Nic Delvalle‘s new store is going to be called “Fukin Fonuts”, a name that certainly probably has a good story to go with it.

Each skin is only 450L! That is a steal, and 2,450L for a fat pack that includes SEVEN skins. I’m really excited to see how far she’ll get with these lovely skins and her store. If interested in her skin line and would like to try a demo for yourself, just send Nic Delvalle an IM in world.


July 22, 2009. Review.

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