Day 4: I love Shagging.

I’m going to be honest with this; I usually hate male hair. It’s very rare I like the textures and look of it enough to buy, and most of the time (I won’t name names) they’re so bad at resizing that they end up looking like blocks on your head and you end up cringing every time you see them in your inventory, confused and sad over why you ever wasted money on them. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and if my head was size 70 I’d look like a bobblehead, who knows. Either way, last week, we were roaming around some stores and Clear found a new hair store – SHAG. Well, I was in love with the title. It took me back to being 11 years old and obsessed with a comedy show we had over here called Game On.

The main character, Matt, was my idol. A foul mouthed, agoraphobic prick of a human being who spend his time roaming around the house dressed up as Robert De Niro and Rambo, then going on to mock his two room mates who had full time jobs, every time they came back. His vocabulary consisted of darling phrases like “jism-monkeys”, “twat” and a most eccentric, “shhhhhhhhh-agging.” It was around this time that Friends started to get popular. Jennifer Aniston’s hair becoming one of those things every adult woman wanted. It’d be in the magazines: How To Get Jennifer Aniston’s Shag Cut. This amused my infantile mind. SHAG was not hair! Well, now Shag is hair, and some damn fine hair at that. I love the textures and I didn’t have to resize any of them to fit me. I did a little head adjusting but, I mean, I do that no matter what hair I’m in.

Here are a few of the male/unisex cuts in the store:


This is BLOWN. I like it. Very often curly hair in Second Life looks odd. Not this one. I’d wear it over and over again, I could POT around it. It’s not blocky, it’s not oversized. I don’t know about the lighter colours, since I prefer to wear dark but I’ve chosen hazel for all of my samples and it’s killer.


This is DEEP. Now I have to point out that there are two versions of this in store. One for the girls and one for the guys. There’s absolutely no difference in style or anything, just size. So if you’re a girl, you should be adviced to get the female version (like I’m wearing here) and guys can pick up the guys version. Just to save on complications.

The Reaper

Don’t fear The Reaper. I was wearing this one yesterday, actually. I’ve had my RL hair like it once and Sebastien has done an awesome job on the layers. This is another I’d have had to resize from anywhere else.


THRUST. Probably my favourite of all of them. I couldn’t tell you why. I referred to it yesterday as my “RiRi hair“, and you can see the resmblance, no? I’ve seen a few styles like this, but generally, they tend to put little detail into the back/layers. Again, Shag does this brilliantly. I’m glad I have them!

I’ll give you my outfit too.


Shoes- >TRUTH< Wests [hairfair]
Shirt- “NINIKO”Retro Blouse-OpenType(Black)
Tank- Emery – Tank Men #Pure
Boxers- .:A&M:. Urban Life Outfit – Stripped Tank with boxers
Pants- .:A&M:. Urban Life Outfit – Pants – Tartan grey (with belt)


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