Day 6 – Re:Bourne’s Manhattan Skybox

When a couple of friends and I threw our money together to get this for Clear’s birthday, there were a lot of negative reviews around the SL blogosphere for it. A lot of opinions formed on conduct of friends of friends of friends, and you know what? That’s cool. I just like to see things for myself and make my own opinions, so I’m not even going to mention everything that happened back then, since we’re a month on and it’s never been any of my business.

I actually saw this on a blog, and decided to take Clear to check it out because, on the pictures, it looked exactly how my dream abode would look, if I had it IRL. A small apartment with a terrace you can stand on at sundown to overlook the NY skyline. It’s a dream that probably never will come true, and so in times of harsh reality like that, well, that’s why we play Second Life, isn’t it? To travel the world, to see things and talk to people we may never see/meet otherwise. I think that’s probably what I like most about it (next to the fashion, of course), the escapism. If you steer clear of drama? It’s a nice, albeit sometimes dull, place to be.

The owners, Danny Bourne and Suite Sella were both really nice and accomodating. We spoke to them for a while about everything; some gave both expert opinions and criticism that they took well. Danny actually encouraged it. He said something to me in our first conversation, when I’d told him how much I liked that the skybox felt open. I didn’t feel caged in it, because of the exterior he’d built. You use your little arrows, navigate out of the door and it actually feels like there’s an air of relief, when as much as I loved our old skybox to death (and still do) it felt like we were physically in a box. And you know what, we were, so that was okay! My friend, Charlotte, rented a skybox that had the same feel as this one to it. It had an outside. Greenery outside the box. I liked it.

He said he wanted it to look and feel realistic, as he does with all of his builds. From what I’ve seen of them, he’s done it well. We encountered a couple of problems, pretty much only from land barriers (whatever it is they’re called) and how much/little space we had in terms of the position of the box, but he was open to coming over to help us sort it out. The first time, he’d been working on the box a little more overnight, and handed us the upgraded box since he was there. A few days later, we decided to move – land-wise. Again, we hit the land-barrier-thing-parcel-whatsit, so it didn’t rezz properly. Easily remedied. Though he was tied up with a client, Danny offered to come over and position it for us again, and came as fast as he possibly could (it was a while, but at the same time, he was helping somebody else and not even on SL, can you be two places at once) and sorted it out. He’d been working on it again, and passed us the next upgraded version. Just little changes from the initial one, but it showed that he’s constantly improving his builds, and I have absolutely no patience so if I were to build anything? I’d build it and leave it.

We’ve all (Noelle included) been really settled since the move. We’ve all added our own decorative flares, and while they’re different styles, they all seem to work for our chic little pad. So much so I took almost 30 pictures of it… oops? Lets take a look!


Hanging out in the corner of the living room. This multiple pose beanbag was created by NOTsoBAD designs, and Clear and I both love it a lot. It has single poses and couple poses, and is only 4 prims. Definitely looks like more, doesn’t it?


Our couch! Straight from The Loft. Noey already had this in her inventory, and it fit our decor really well. (Ed: I generally have my environment settings on sunset, as it makes the place look even better.)



You have now entered Shane’s Space. You could fit anything in here. A little kitchen, a little dining area, etc, but our avatars exist on Pringles and candy, so we had to think up something to go here. The guitar rig was part of the furniture you can optionally buy alongside the skybox, if you’d like to, so I had to nab it in all of its 1 prim goodness. I made the posters on the left myself, along with the CDs and magazines. The scripted guitar chair I picked up randomly, last week, from a place called Libbers, and the old movie posters are from Elle Kirshner’s fantastic Second Spaces. I remember Elle from when I first started SL, and she’s the sweetest girl.


I love these lights so, so much. They even have dust particles floating under the beams, which is great attention to detail. They brighten up our little corner. I wish I knew where Clear picked them up. I think on XLStreet, but you’d have to ask her. On the right is a cork board I picked up at MudHoney Designs when we got our bedroom set. I added a few polaroids myself, of Clear’s birthday party and a couple of post-it notes to give it that real homey feel.


Oh yeah, this is Shane’s Extensive Record Collection, that almost mirrors mine in RL. Clear picked up the shelves as a gift to me from Creamshop, and also gave me the money for the boxes from the previously mentioned NOTsoBAD. She knows what makes me smile, and I like to think I know what makes her smile, too.



Had to switch to midnight so I could show off how great the lights look above the window, as well as the stools below. And the exterior! The amazing Shay Savon created those lights, and I always knew she was talented but goddamn, she’s more talented than talented. I adore her. The stools were, again, from MudHoney designs and have multiple poses on them, so you can go ahead and chill whenever you please.


I don’t know, I think I was pretending to be Bruce Lee?


Another little addition I brought to the place. Cushions! This wouldn’t work IRL as, if it rained, you’d be screwed and they’d stink. Your Monopoly money would get wet and soft, eventually melting away, but a-ha! That’s not gonna happen in SL. I got these from MudHoney’s and it has room for at least 3 people. Next loft party? We’ll pretend we’re playing Monopoly……


I picked up this bench from OBF Furniture, as part of the slice of summer hunt (I think that’s its name). My BFFL Charlotte rezzed one out and I liked it so much, I asked where she got it. It has some adorable couples poses and has many texture changes. This is the Cuddle one.


Looking down on over the city. Seems that way, doesn’t it?


Noelle’s room! I didn’t want to pry too much, so I figured I’d sit on the balcony and give you a good enough look at it to see. The furniture inside it is made by a very good friend and extremely talented builder, Sephia Ellison. You need to check out her store at Fashion Mode. I love her builds, and I’m pretty damn sure you will too.



And now we move on to our bedroom. Most of the stuff in here is from MudHoney designs, but the clothesline photographs are from The Loft and the shelves from Phi. There’s also a pose stand in here for all PTO needs, then the balcony that looks down onto the living room with seats for us if we’re too lazy to go downstairs to watch TV. (Well, it’s big enough…)



And finally for the bathroom! We decorated with furniture from The Loft, and I think have a few bits and bobs from other places. The fully functional shower comes with the skybox and was one of the additions Danny made to it in the couple of days between us buying it and needing help with the rezzing. I had a blast taking these pictures.





I know it’s a little image heavy but there you have it. Our skybox that all three of us love.


“Gumball ma–wha–?”


“Oh well.”

I suggest everyone run over to Re:Bourne, just to take a look at the builds for yourself. Nothing is technically perfect unless you feel it is through your own eyes, after all.


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  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Day 6 – Re:Bourne’s Manhattan Skybox replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Clear Canning replied:

    I got it from.. I don’t know. XStreet is our friend!

  3. Leeloo Ella replied:

    GAH! i ADORE the demo of this skybox..and want it, but i read all the SCD drama on it and now all this nice stuff from you…Confused! 😦

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      I think that this, like everything in life, should be judged on a personal basis. If you like something, then you like something, regardless of what anyone else says.

      I honestly got so bored of reading through all of that BS domino drama, since I don’t have the time for it, that I wanted to find things out by myself, and ended up more than happy with the build. So I hope this helps you decide even a little bit. ❤

      When we went to check it out, we actually brought up the subject of the post to one of the owners and they were both really confused over all of it. They answered any questions we had, responded to every query we delivered to them, so all I have is my own experience.

      Peace and love,

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