Intrigue Co. Part 2!

I don’t know how many of you remember, or were even reading our humble little blog when I did my first post about one of my favourite stores, Intrigue Co. I still own so many of their items, and I went a little crazy today and bought three more shirts to add to my already present collection, unintentionally reminding me that I’d said I was going to do a post on the t-shirts, since the first was on the hoodies. Intrigue Co. makes me embrace my inner (and outer) geek. Whether it be walking around in a Batman hoodie, with Pringles or Chibbins’ duckbeak chips in my mouth, there’s nothing short of a good time when I POT something around anything from this place. I’d wear every single one of them IRL, and I actually can’t wait for there to be more. I can’t get enough, and as stated before, everything is so cheap for all layers. Worth every damn penny.

Pretty sick today, kids, so I’m too exhausted and ‘ick’ feeling to write a whole lot more on the subject, so I’ll give you another taxi to the store and you can go see if there’s anything you like. Simpsons lovers, Comic lovers and 90’s kids alike; you want to go here. Shell out just a little bit for some kick ass clothing.


August 5, 2009. Review.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Intrigue Co. Part 2! replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Meg Philly replied:

    Those shirts kick ass, almost as much as you do Shane–almost.

  3. Shane Kirshner replied:

    OH EM GEE, IT’S MEG! hey precious.

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