Biffle Kitty!

One of the best stores on the grid, in my opinion, is Gritty Kitty. I’ll never get enough of that hair, but I have no idea if I’ve actually said that in a past blog or not. Oh how the mind wanders. I’m still sick, sadly, but I hung out with Charlotte some after my show, and we raided the place. I mean we must have spent 1k in there combined, if not more. I bought three new hairs, she bought two, she bought the portable camera, I bought the box of records. She bought some lanterns and fawn ears, some necklaces, and I bought the boa scarf (coolest thing ever, bring on fall and winter!!) We had a good time and talked each other out of buying the Baman hair, though it’s one of the best things I’ve seen. I also raided yesterday, as Clear blogged. My friend Clementine and I both bought the henley hoodie, and my immediate reaction was to try layer it with a jacket, which I haven’t been able to do with any other hoodie so far. It worked! With a lot of prim work, but I think it looks good all the same. I’m a fan, I gotta say. Need to buy more of their v-necks…

Here we are at the skybox while Clear was at work sleeping!




On Charlotte

EARS & ANTLERS – Gritty Kitty – WHITE Fawnication
NECKLACE – Gritty Kitty – Stiched Heart
HAIR – Gritty Kitty – Pride/Blonde
SHOES – Kboots – Black
TOP – ATOMIC – Leopard Love Cami/Teal
PANTS – ATOMIC – Journey Jeans, Ripped Low Faded/Black
TATTOO – EtchD – Tatsu/Partial Washed
BANGLES – Zaara – Melange Bangles/Blue



On Shane

Gum- gumball- Banana Chocolate Smoothie 2
Blazer- Armidi – (f) Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Black]
Jeans- *League* Garage Jeans – Cool Blue
Sneakers- UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Hoodie- – Henley Hoodie (Gray)
Hair- Gritty Kitty: BROWN Bubble Gum
Headphones- Gritty Kitty: Studio Headphones


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  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Biffle Kitty! replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Kala Lunasea replied:

    Nice one! Must go to Gritty Kitty again, it’s been ages since I have and always enjoyed their stuff 🙂
    Particularly love those headphones!

    I have another skin question, I wonder if your friend would mind if I asked where hers in these pics is from? It’s extremely cute and again looks really well done =)

    Thank you for the continuing fab blog ^.^

    K x

  3. Shane Kirshner replied:

    Hers is Curio too, I’m not sure what the make up is but it’s definitely from there. Neither of us are skin whores so we’re pretty loyal. Hope that helps.

  4. Kala Lunasea replied:

    Thank you Shane, definitely helpful. I must have been a bit blind/unobservant when I last went to Curio as I see now there are a lot more skins than I thought! And all really nicely made, must be the best I’ve seen, so glad I’m now aware of this ^^

  5. Shane Kirshner replied:

    You’re absolutely welcome. As far as detail goes, in my opinion, Curio is the one to beat.

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