Tribute to John Hughes: Blogger Challenge

I love most John Hughes movies. The clincher is, I’m not the biggest fan of teen-goes-romcom. Somehow this guy managed to make me not only watch that kind of flick, but actually site a few as my favourites. RIP, man. When you’re reincarnated, please figure out how to make Weird Science a reality.

We had to assemble a troop for the Breakfast Club. It would’ve been a crime not to.



“We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”


August 12, 2009. Fun.


  1. Clementine replied:

    We rocked The Breakfast Club so hard! *shakes a tiny fist*

  2. Leeloo Ella replied:

    one of my all time favourite sunday afternoon movies….i squeee’d a lil bit when i saw this picture 😀

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      I love it too! I’m glad you dug the picture. I had a blast trying to attach the bandana to my ankle. Blast. 😥

  3. Jennnn Ember replied:

    Wewt! Look at us, hah. ❤

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