Intrigue Co.!

I was feed hopping for things to buy when I caught eye of this post by The SL Sweet Life. Could it be? Could one of my favourite places to go on SL have moved to a bigger store and have added some new releases? I think so!

So in this mood of sickness, scattiness and inability to concentrate on anything beyond what I see in front of my eyes in that second, I bring you every one of their new releases. (Except the Madonna shirt, because it’s on the Midnight Mania board – go get yourself down there and click!) We have Motley Crue, we have Led Zep, the Stones, MJ, FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, NKOTB – genius. There’s also an I (HEART) 80’s hoodie for $1L outside the door.

Remember, kids. $25L /shirt is what the old timers call, A Bargain.






August 19, 2009. Tags: . Review.


  1. Clear Canning replied:


  2. LAgroove Ragu replied:

    How AWESOME!!! ^______^

    i DIG your blog!!

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