Reasons to get an Xstreet account.

On my way to teleporting around the grid and spending all of my lindens while Shane is on her vacation (3 down, 3 to go!), I decided to look at XStreet. If you don’t know, Xstreet is an online shopping website for in world. Let’s say you’re like me and you’re bored to tears at RL work and you can access the internet, but not SL, well you can spend your lunch hour spending your hard earned lindens on things or at least putting it in your favorites. I remember when this website first opened and now most of my favorite stores are on Xstreet. This works in our favor when we feel like being lazy or like today, SL sucks and you can’t teleport around. They also have a high list of freebee items you can acquire. I think tomorrow I’m going to put together an outfit using nothing but freebees from Xstreet, but for now let me show you the bargains I found while browsing for new boots.


McChucks Shoes – Urban Chrome
ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! – These are normally L$400 a pair… a steal today for only L$20!

Click here for the webpage!


[$25L] Marlon Stilettos [SPC.Promo Only On XSTREETSL]

Buy here.


Soulphoniks – Unisex – Chucks – Abstract Blue – Xstreet Sale 10L

Buy here. Only 766 of these are left!


August 26, 2009. Uncategorized.

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