I’m back, and lazier than ever.

After a not-long-enough week across the border (my border, that is) I came home on Saturday to a surprise birthday party. I actually returned super cranky and was close to going to bed at 8pm out of a mixture of disappointment and exhaustion. I took a week to write, man, and I came back with nothing. I read a lot, though. I figured the other day I’d blog some of the things people got me for my first birthday experience on SL, since I am very much grateful to every single one of them, then I hopped over to Intrigue Co. (yes, I know) to find some new shirts I didn’t have. Naturally, I had to add these to the idea of a post I had too long ago to remember, along with the Gritty Kitty t-shirts from the poop hunt and the phenomenally suiting Merlotte’s shirts by BARCODE and Young Urban. So, uh, welcome back me.

Intrigue - Star Boober Relax

Intrigue - Ren Poker Frag

Maybe they have even more up since my last visit. Why don’t you hop over there and tell me while I watch TV?

Young Urban - Merlotte's

Young Urban

BARCODE - True Blood


True Blood and LifeForce for life. And really, people, Stephanie Meyer will never be a good writer and the Twilight films are a POS. ^____^

GK - Super Dead

GK - Skulls

Gritty Kitty items from the Poop hunt on the Festivale sim!

PARX - Milk Me

PARX. I saw a scarf advertised on a blog earlier that I had to get and this, well, I couldn’t turn it down.

Now onto the gifts!

Gifts 1

Gifts 2

Gifts 3

Until then, I hope you enjoyed August.


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  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » I’m back, and lazier than ever. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Cherise replied:

    OMG , I am team Eric all the way. BOOO at bill lol. Love True Blood and have read all the sookie stackhouse books so its a plus. The twilight movies suck ARSE

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      but SOOKEH IS MAHN. i’m always asked why bill is my favourite and i wish i had an answer, but i don’t! i love him to death. eric is cool too, and i’m sure sookeh would be better off with eric (so beel could be mahn) but pam outshines them all.

      • Cherise replied:

        Pam is like….my best friend! lol. She takes care of my babe Eric…(mmm eric) I guess my thing with bill is the books soured me towards him. Plus i like the bad boys like Eric. He has a edge I love. I get to look at him all the time on my cell wallpaper *drools*

  3. Clear Canning replied:

    blanket 5???!

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