Big and Beautiful.

The challenge was to make your avatar bigger and dress her or him in a cute style. I wish there were more bigger avies to represent. Sometimes I walk around in a bigger avatar and the first thing people do is either laugh or ask what happened to me. I find that all kinds of offensive to be honest. Bigger girls can be and are cute. Most of them are cuter than skinnier girls in real life. IRL we’re not all a size 2 but yet it’s rare to find an avatar that represents that. Prims are the worst to fit on a larger avatar. Most of them are set for the tiniest avatar and they don’t have a resize script, which would be ideal. Anyway I don’t want to sit here and preach, but here is our look except we’re too lazy to post style cards. We fail. Fail. Fail.


Guess which is which.


September 8, 2009. Blog Challenge.

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