I’m doing it alongside Clear. There’s no SL income coming in right now, and we’ve just moved land, so we’re trying to conserve all we can until my voice gets better. I’ve no idea how long that’s going to be, but I hope soon for my own shriveling benefit.

ACTION have released a few things over the last week. I saw it on their blog, and since they were one of the first stores I ever loved on SL, I thought I’d go on down there to get the new rolled flannel shirt. I spent most of my day while outside, thinking about what inspiration I could use to do the blog I wanted to do; Nirvana came on the radio, so it was perfect, you know, I’d pause the budget to get me a shirt and do another Kurt Cobain inspired shoot.

Naturally, this didn’t happen. It didn’t turn out that way. When I finally got home, I went on down to the store and in the pursuit of the shirt, I saw they had new hair I hadn’t yet seen. Ooh, I hissed. 400L, can I spare that much? Well, I tried the demo on, just to see how it’d look on me, and unlike the hair I bought a few days ago that didn’t suit me in the least, this actually did. Again, I pondered. 400L? Why can’t they do singles packs? (I still think singles would be a good idea) On further inspection, though, as well as further roaming around the store trying to convince myself not to buy it, I discovered that for that 400L, there’d be 9 different shades. Ah, I bit my lip, worrying Clementine Ishtari as she kept me company in IMs. “That has to be some hair for 400L,” and let me tell you; it is.

ACTION - Max - Browns 1

ACTION - Max - Browns 2

ACTION - Max - Browns 3

Other goodies? Well, why don’t you click the cut and see my style card!

September 9th

HAIR- Action Mens Hair Max – Damaged Brown Multi 02
TOP- *Fishy Strawberry* Charcoal Stripey McGee Sweater
PANTS- .:A&M:. Urban Life Outfit – Pants
SCARF- Gritty Kitty- Invaders Scarf
KEYS- Sometin’ in Your Mouth
EARRINGS- Metal Curve *Red Ruin*
GLOVES- *Sprawl* Knit Gloves (slate)

To top it off, I mentioned before that Clear and I are SL homeless. We packed up and left Manhattan…

Leaving 1

Leaving 2

Leaving 3

… to go to London.

Soho 1

Watch this space. Danny’s cookin’ up something brilliant.


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  1. Clementine replied:

    Okay the hair is totally worth the $400L!! You look hawt!

  2. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Budgeting… replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  3. seattle replied:

    Hair’s pretty wicked. I also like how well you pull off checkered pants, or whatever you call that, brain’s not working. Too bad you had to pack up Manhattan, I decided to have a cheap place for now. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      cheaper is definitely better, i understand. the only ONLY thing i’ll miss from the land is sharing it with you guys. so we’re gonna have to have movie nights and sleepovers and everything. oh yes, oh yes.

  4. Buttercup replied:

    London? What’s with the London? I needs that! @_@

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      it’s the newest release from re:Bourne, should be out within the next week or so, he’s just working on the kinks and getting it finished. there’s a killer view of the thames.

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