Adam and Eve’s Siren.

Welcome to the weekend. Today I bring you a review of Adam and Eve’s latest skin creation. sachi Vixen was gracious enough to drop a review pack of her skin to me and asked me to give an honest review of it and that’s what I’m going to do here. I’ll be honest, when I first tried on the skin I didn’t like the way it made me look, but that’s no fault of her’s. Like with most skin you buy, you have to tweak your shape to fit the skin and once I jumped over that hurdle, I instantly took pictures to show off.

The face is more of a sophisticated maturer one than what I’m used to, and the make up is very dramatic. It’s definitely a more adult make up in my opinion. There are four tones, each tone has a natural or a berry make up. In the natural folder comes four skins in total: a natural tone, a natural tone with scalp hair, a sheen tone, and a sheen tone with scalp hair. The berry has the same but with the options of either berry or cherry. Each skin packet comes with an optional underwear layer for pubic hair plus two options for nail and toenail polish which in my opinion is GREAT because you know it’ll align perfectly on your nails since it’s made by the creator. I’ll have to get used to the more mature look that comes with wearing this skin, but these are definitely yummy and worth buying. I think now that I’ve tweaked my shape to fit the skin I’ll be wearing Tone 03 in Natural for a while.

Here’s a TP to Adam and Eve so you can try it out for yourself.


September 12, 2009. Tags: , . Review.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Adam and Eve’s Siren. replied:

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  2. sachi Vixen replied:

    It’s very young Gina Lollabrigida or Sophia Loren on your shape!

  3. Betth Ashbourne replied:

    WOW! this is a stunning skin on your shape Clear!!!! You are beautiful!

    • Clear Canning replied:

      Thank you! That was a really sweet comment and I bet it looks awesome on you too. ❤

  4. adam n eve » Blog Archive ... replied:

    […] Clearly Siren! […]

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