Pink Outfitters – The Cusp of Fall.

There are a lot of designers I like on Second Life, but then there are those I could wear if I had nothing else left in my virtual closet. One of these is London Daily of Pink Outfitters/HOL. I love the textures (I’m a texture whore, ask anybody) and I love the designs. Her store was the first place I actually found a pair of cords I liked, not to mention a button up and some vests I still wear to this day. Then there were the V neck shirts of the past summer, which was how I found out about the store in the first place.

In any event, when I saw she’d released some new things for the summer-to-fall crossover season,  I had to check them out and hope she had something in that set that I would wear. I don’t really wear girly clothes, it’s a personal choice, so when I saw the turtleneck sweater on the ad, I TPed right on over there to pick it up in black. A couple of hours later, London presented those bloggers on her Plurk friends list with the opportunity to get a review pack; something I also had to do. Last night was a busy night, but after crawling out of bed this morning, I decided to showcase these beautifully made clothes while listening to Juliette Lewis’ new album – ideal.

And look, before I forget, a taxi! (Head up to the second floor.)

PO - 1PO - 3

PO - 2

September 13, 2009. Tags: . Review.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Pink Outfitters – The Cusp of Fall. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Clementine replied:

    Must. Go. Get. ❤ sweaters and scarves, turtlenecks and fall/winter outfits irl and sl too!

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