Les Girls do EmJay!

You’ll all probably know this already, but the fantastic and talented Magen Jigsaw has superior taste. Not only does she create the cutest clothes, supply a kind and generous personality, but she also loves our blog – WINNER, ha. After seeing the iSpy post from yesterday, she mentioned she’d pass us on over some clothes if we wanted to see them. It’s always a big honour, I’m pretty sure for the both of us, to be able to help designers in the promotion of their products, and these clothes most definitely need showing off.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed in the past, Clear and I are polar opposites when it comes to styling and EmJay Designs pretty much catered to the both of us (something that rarely happens, and when it does, is usually me buying the male versions to her female and modding them like the OCD counsellor on Glee) so we jumped on some pose stands to snap some shots. During the shooting of #3, I also remarked that our avatars looked like us; mine a skinnier version of myself, and she said hers was a curvier and skinnier version of herself, but she looks even better than her avatar in my opinion. That said…

EmJay - 01

Climb aboard the taxi!!!

EmJay - 02

EmJay - 03

EmJay - 04


September 15, 2009. Tags: . Review.

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