Shape and Skin Expo ’09 (Take Four!) Plus Laqroki.

So the shape and skin fair has been going on for the weekend now and it’s been maxed out. I can’t even get back there which is a good thing probably because I’d buy a curio skin. It’s all for a good cause too so therefore I hope everyone there is having a good time. Before the fair opened, Shane and I as well as a few selective bloggers got a chance to walk the fair lag free and before it was opened to the public. After walking the entire fair, Shane and I each bought one skin. We’re still on a budget!

Shane only wears Curio. And she only wears one tone of Curio. I wish i had her dedication. But! She found a skin she adored (from Curio) and traded her old one in.

:GP: Petal Frex [Light] Breeze-Smudge 1


:GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Breeze-Smudge 2

I went with the new Belleza. It was the first demo I tried on. You should always go with your first love.
-Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss 6

Also though Mallory Cowen and her Laqroki skins aren’t being showcased at the fair, she came out with six new faces over the weekend. I found out that Allison face is a new updated version of one of the skins I used to wear back in 2007 faithfully.


I had to get the updated version of Allison. For under 2K you can get 8 different make ups that each come with a hair base.





Here’s also a picture to see how much the body on Allison has drastically changed.:

Allison Naked

I wear so many skins as it is, but I have to put this one into my heavy skin rotation.


September 27, 2009. skins.


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    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

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