Aimesi and Cynful

It’s a lazy day, as usual. It’s Friday and currently I don’t have anything to do for four days. I’m taking a short vacation from RL and of course I don’t have any money. I have plenty of linden so I’ll have to get all of the shopping I want to do through second life. Currently, Shane’s in my ear playing the piano and singing (she’s a SL musician y’all! You have to hear her. ;)) and I thought this would be a good time to blog. Gogo invited me and a few bloggers and designers to her new group. This group is for designers to pass out previews of their up and coming item for sale for the bloggers to blog. Well, I’m a blogger (that still makes me laugh to say that.) and I thought I’d show off the goods. Right this way.

Aimesi Skins New Logo 712 512

[ Cynful ] Denim RetroRomper

To be quite honest I’ve never heard of Aimesi Skins but I’m glad the owner was gracious enough to drop a pack of skins to the bloggers. I personally like the silver skin make ups the best. I made a gif for the first time in like forever so if you’d like to see all of the skins, just stare at it for thirty seconds.

Skin animations


Cynthia Ultsch is a talented photographer I’ve had on my flickr stream for years. She also owns of CnS e-motion and [ Cynful ]. She just released RetroRompers! These aren’t the RetroRompers you used to wear when you were 10 in school. Oh no these are far sexier and they come with a lot of layers for different looks. It comes with a white top, a black top, skull pasties, plus an optional baggy and wide style for the cuffs. These are on multiple layers to allow you to mix and match and wear your tattoos if you have any.



[ Cynful ]

Other various items.

Shirt: *Linc* Charm Top Nerdy
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Espirit
Hair: Tiny Bird – Autumn Leaves Dragees


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