Modd.G – Emma Darling


Modd.G has released the cutest dresses I’ve seen in a while. Their are five dresses in total that range from adorable names such as Reckless Red and Bubblegum Pink. The dresses come with multiple layers to allow you to mix and match then however way you like. The only problem I have is that the skirt attaches to the chest so I can’t wear a necklace with it unless I want to attach it to the spine. Other than that, it’s pretty flawless to me. There are also eight new colors of leggings that were released as well. I don’t know if the basic stockings were made for the Emma Darling dress, but they fit them perfectly. Mix and match them to your liking.


You have to go to Modd.G and pick up one if not all of these right away.

Coat: (P-K) Open Trench Noir
Boots: ETD Shoes – Rain Boots
Hair: Argrace – Knit Beret Loose Beret

Hair: ::69:: OMNIA 10 (Only released if you’re in the group otherwise should be available on October 15)
Shoes: Tesla – High Oxfords


October 11, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Review.

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