Barcode’s Mom Sweaters.

Yesterday I found a cool sim walking around with Shane and I thought it’d be a good idea to take a few pictures on it. I installed a new viewer, SnowGlobe, and every time I tried to take a picture I’d crash. I suppose it’s back to Gemni for me, or at least until I can figure out why the Imprudence Viewer’s voice doesn’t work. You know me, I love listening to other people’s conversations in stores. At any rate, today I’m going to show off new items that can be found in Barcode’s store. It’s hard to believe that Makenzie Irling has just started making clothes about a little over two months ago. I’ve been trying forever to make clothes and I can barely know how to pull my pants up if they’re sticking through boots I’m wearing at the moment.


Shane and I are caught in a tornado that’s been suspiciously cropped out, but as you can see she’s trying to carry me to safety in her new Grey Dot Thermal (only to be found at Barcode) while I take the opportunity to show how strong I am in my Green Mom Sweater and white leggings that are also suspiciously missing feet. I’m posing, she’s struggling, but ultimately a good time was had by all.

However we wanted to show off how awesome these two different shirts are that were made by Makenzie Irling so we cut it simple and went into white background mode. Barcode is a really good, reasonably priced store for casual shirts and dresses. There’s even a Team Eric shirt. There’s also a Team Bill shirt but uh he’s boring. Who cares about Bill Compton!

The Thermal and Mom shirts are on multiple layers to make it easier to mix and match to your desire and there are an assortment of colors. My favorite is the purple one.




You can stop by her main store by clicking here.

On Clear:
Hair: Argrace – Beanie Long
Glass: &Bean – Reccession Street
Coats: AoHaru – Military Coat
Socks: !OhMai:Basic Sheer Leggings
Shoes: ETD Shoes – Demi Trainer
Pants: Friday Rolled Cargos
Shirt: Barcode – Mom Sweater

On Shane:
Hair- Bryce – Adam – Coffees – Espresso
Belt- *COCO*_gift-belt
Glasses- Gritty Kitty: DuckLips Glasses
Gloves- *Sprawl* Knit Gloves (slate)
Scarf- =PARX= Scarf 2 (Grey)
Jeans- [Decoy] Inferno 88 – Charcoal Flared Slouch
Boots- [Decoy] Jully Boots – Onyx
Sweater- Barcode – Grey Dot Thermal

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  1. Makenzie Irling replied:

    yay I’m so glad you both liked the sweaters and the thermals. And Bill is soooo not boring, he is sexay :p hearing him say sookie makes me melt hahahaha.

    • Clear Canning replied:

      Thanks for being awesome and making them. I haven’t took them off yet. You should hear Shane’s impersonation of Bill’s SOOKEH.

  2. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Barcode’s Mom Sweaters. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

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