Find Ash has free gifts and Shane has them!

With only 15 minutes to go before Most Haunted Live, I just say scraped this entry in on time. (I’ve been procrastinating all day by walking around the grid in a nun costume, talking about being on day release from St. Bernadette’s.) Anyway, I saw this advertised on a blog this morning, so I ran down to check them out myself, and came home 4 hairs and a necklace richer. Rock the fuck on, right? Right, exactly. Nothing to talk about today. Being holy can wear one down.

Find Ash 1

Find Ash 2

Find Ash 3

Find Ash 4

Find Ash 5

Take a vacuum ride right on over to Find Ash and see for yourself.


October 27, 2009. Tags: . Freebies.

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