Halloween SL Pride Events!

Second Pride is going to be fantastic this year. I urge everybody on the grid who believes in equal rights, to get involved in some way. I wasn’t playing the game this time, 12 months ago, and when it came to pride week, I wandered around a sea of people that walked in different circles to myself. This is what Pride is all about, but I think it would be incredibly amazing if more of us got involved, from every walk of (second) life.

I was hanging out with a friend IRL, last year. We were standing at a bus stop in London, waiting on a bus to take us both to where we had to go. We’d seen Tegan and Sara the night before, and she’d let me stay at her place. As we were talking, she said she was part of the organizational committee for Brighton Pride, telling me I had to go. (If I’d have had the money, I’d have been right there.) I missed the opportunity in a similar way to how I did when my cousin spun decks at Manchester’s, a couple if not few years in a row. Thus, I have to get involved in the SL one, because we’re still all RL people behind the avatars (like the pony one Clear gave me, that I’m wearing right now.)

Last week, Gabe Bookmite plurked about a SL Pride meeting, and I went to see if there was anything I could do. While I missed a lot of it due to being ordered to walk the dog and trying to force food down my throat, I still found it interesting, and there’ll be a follow up one tomorrow. Gabe will be able to tell you a little more about it! This weekend, with the exception of yesterday because I was too lazy to blog and missed it, Second Pride will be throwing a couple of parties to check out with some friends. Spread the word, I heard Lady Gaga will be there.


Join us Saturday starting at noon for The Most Tortured Soul.  Sponsored by Ironworks, Second Pride brings you a contest and a freaky floorshow featuring some of your more thrilling music.  Your fabulous DJ’s Wesley Spengler, Queen Edman, and MJShotboy will be live and Soul-Keeper Khar will host this wicked event


After a short break, Second Pride brings you a FIERCE Devilishly Naughty Halloween sponsored by FIERCE Nightclub starting at 7pm SLT.  Featuring the grid famous DJ Azu Catteneo, who will be bringing you 3 straight hours of hard hitting, high energy, FIERCELY fresh mixes created just for this event.  If you have never heard DJ Azu before, this is the time, you will not be disappointed!  Your sexy and luscious FIERCE Staff will be on hand to keep you engaged and entertained and all tips will be matched as a donation on behalf of FIERCE Nightclub to Second Pride!  The top 2 AV’s best Devilishly Naughty will be walking out with an extra L$1,000 each!

And here‘s your limo to the party spot.

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