AtomicBambi SK!N – Lana2

I’m a huge fan of skins. Just look in my inventory. I think I have over a hundred skins already and I’m still collecting. AtomicSparkle Skytower is a new skin designer and let me tell you, for a person who JUST STARTED making skins, they’re excellent. She has already updated her current skins and improved on the body shading and gloss options. Her style is to use photo realism and mix it with hand drawing textures to come up with a nice soft body. I stress to you again that this is her very first attempt at making skins.


Her Lana skins come in three different colors: Pale, Sunblush and Tan.


The skin also comes with a freckle and gloss option. There’s also four more make up options you can get. Five in total. I absolutely adore the eyebrows on these. The only thing I wish that the eyebrows were lighter so I could wear my lighter hair, but maybe that’s something that can come later as Atomic continues to improve on her skins.


I inspected the body to see if there was something that stood out, and I think she did an excellent job on her first attempt. The body is soft, the face is fierce, and the eyebrows are damn near perfect.


I know the skin fair is coming up, but I think you should also TP to her store and demo her skins.

Go to AtomicBarbie now!


November 6, 2009. Review, skins.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » AtomicBambi SK!N – Lana2 replied:

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  2. Jess replied:

    the skins nice but i wish the nostrils didn’t look so pronounced. Other than that it’s good. maybe she will soften that up a bit. would be a beautifil skin then

  3. Clementine replied:

    A hundred skins Clear Penelope??

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