What have I always wanted in SL? A piano. That’s right. A big grand I can park my avatar at, at all times, to pretend I’m not wasting my time, and to avoid spending a whole lot. As I was cleaning out my inventory a little earlier, I found a dress that, I’m guessing, Clear passed to me and my first thought was “Regina Spektor!” It was very her, so I put it on, then I added some girly hair, since i, just last week, deleted the Torchsong Updo I had from the hair fair earlier this year, thinking I wouldn’t need it. (Gah, that would’ve been perfection!) Ran off to Unintended Water and… um, one thing led to another, and I did a shoot inspired by this video. 🙂





November 8, 2009. Tags: , . Fun.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Boredom. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Vanity Esparza replied:

    you may be bored but this post is Not…such cute styling and pictures ❤ love

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      thank you so much, vanity ❤ if i was girling myself up, it had to be for a good cause!

  3. Ashe Anthony replied:

    Ooh I love the pictures, great job :]

  4. Meila Solo replied:

    Great post, awesome pictures.
    Really cute outfit too!

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