Mustache and Naive

There’s a new hair maker in town and her name is Mae Liamano. This is the first time I’ve seen her store so thank you sister for showing it to me. She currently only has three hair styles in her shop for now, and for 95L a hair I couldn’t resist picking up all three. What I like about the store is not only the cheap price, but you’re only paying for one color of hair you like. Instead of paying 300L for different types of brown when you only really wear one, you’re paying a fraction of it here for only one hair color. I chose to go with Deep Cinnimon.


Mustache – Ashley


Mustache – Dalia


Mustache – Sabrina

The cardigan I’m wearing is the new release from .:Naive:. she’s also released them in three other colors. What’s so good about .:Naive:. is not only is Leah’s skill is getting better with each new release that comes out, but the prices are AMAZING. That Saquito Lulu is sold for only $65L.


You can find the other things Leah has released for the weekend at the Naive website or you can teleport there and check it out yourself. Mae also has her items on Xstreet if you’d like to check out the demos and hair at home.

Here are the SURLs to both amazing and relatively cheap stores.

Mustache and Naive.

Hope to see you there!


November 14, 2009. Tags: , . Fun, MV-SL-Fashion, Review.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Mustache and Naive replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Ashe Anthony replied:

    Thank you for sharing such finds :]

    • Clear Canning replied:

      Not a problem! I need to explore SL more so I can find stores. Did you try the demos out?

  3. Mae Liamano replied:

    Hey girl hey! I love the Cinnamon on ya!

    • Clear Canning replied:

      I usually demo colors first but it looked great up there that I had to try it. I love all of the color options. I hope I joined the subscribo group properly. ❤

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