New! AtomicBambi Sara Skins.

Earlier I did a blog post about AtomicSparkle Skytower’s Lana skins and how she just started designing skins earlier this month. Already she’s released a new face called Sara and was very cool to drop me a review packet to check it out myself. I’m very particular about the skins I pick, especially from new designers, but if you go over to her blog right here she cites how and why she made the skins just in case there were any suspicions going on about her.

The skin comes in three colors; Pale, Sunblush, and Tan. For blogging purposes, I’m using the Pale color to show the different variations of this skin as well as the Sunblush to show the nine different make up options. There are ten in total. Just like Lana, there is an optional lipgloss skin, freckle skin, and freckles with gloss on it. Right now I’m going to show you side by side the gloss and freckles option.

I remember in the post I wrote about Lana that I hoped with her next release they’ll be an optional brow color so I can wear my lighter hair with it. Well, she delivered with offering the skin with Light, Dark, and Red brows. In order to keep everything simple, according to her, you can now buy all colors of the eyebrows, plus the different freckle and gloss options all for 975L a skin. That’s 12 skins for 975L!

Light – Dark – Red

Also from what I can tell from the skins, she has also lighten the nostrils up a tad. I know someone left a comment about the nostrils being too dark. Here are the rest of the makeups you can get for her Sara line.

Twelve skins for 975L. You can’t beat that. Go to her AtomicBambi store right now and try on a demo.

Other interesting things:
Hair – Lamb! Whoop Dee Doo (New)


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  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » New! AtomicBambi Sara Skins. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Thema Felix replied:

    Definitely cute 🙂 May I ask: what eyes and eyelashes did you wear? They totally make the face snap.

    • Clear Canning replied:

      Sure thing! ❤ I got the eyelashes from the Redgrave booth at the skin fair. I think today is the last day.

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