Free Speerit’s Fiona skins.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m home with a tray full of food from my parent’s house. Just when I was leaving to go back home, I missed a step and I twisted my ankle. Painful. I hope that it isn’t as bad as it feels, though it’s swelling up pretty badly. And I don’t have ice. Oh well, after this I’ll sit on the couch with my cheesecake and watch a film. I’m too wired up to go to bed so I thought I’d blog one of my favorite skins that I never wear. Although looking at these pictures is making me change my mind.

I don’t see a lot of African American skins on the grid that I like. As a biracial woman, I’m always looking for darker skins to express who I am IRL, but I can never find just a skin that looks great for me. Most of the skins I’ve run into look too realistic as a black person that I’m afraid to wear them. I won’t say any names, but I’m sure there are some people who know what I’m talking about. Since Fiona debut months ago, it’s been my favorite African American skin. (The second is Lelutka’s). The makeups are catered to the darker complexion and you just look soft and womanly. I completely love the gloss on the lips. It isn’t overdone and it looks realistic. Overall I’m impressed with these skins and I don’t have to talk about it anymore. I think it’s time I start wearing this skin on a regular basis, but gah who am I kidding? I’m such a skin whore. However this skin is worth the commitment promise.

Try out a demo here and see for yourself!


November 26, 2009. MV-SL-Fashion, skins.

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