***Priestkings Code***

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, my friend Tatsuki TPed me to a store he’d found. (He does this a lot, we have the same kind of taste as far as clothes and hair go, and he’d found some Tegan and Sara-ish styles in there he thought I’d like.) Inside, we met a girl called Rynja Zephaniah, the owner. She was absolutely sweet to the both of us, passing us fatpacks out of interest. Tats ended up talking to her about why he’d brought me there, and how I played guitar/sang, then she asked to hear. I played for them, as Tats showed her pictures of Tegan and Sara, to get her accustomed to my favourite band. A few days later, Ryn passed me something she’d made based off of one of the promotional pictures from The Con; blending the twins’ styles together she created Tegan. For a long time, she didn’t have it up for sale, as she’s a very busy person with a lot going on, but many people asked me about the hair and I would link them to her store. Well, now you can go to the store and buy the hair in one of 4 colours! It’s one of my personal favourites, and would be were there no her-story there. Anyway, ch-ch-check it out! Buy it! Look around! She makes some kick-ass stuff.


December 11, 2009. Tags: . MV-SL-Fashion, Review.


  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » ***Priestkings Code*** replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. addi replied:

    Perfectest hair ever.

  3. bird myrtle replied:

    Incredible hair – but sigh, her store is on a sex sim! I can’t get in! :((

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      oh man, that sucks. sl is a doucheflap with all of that age verification bullshit. 😦

  4. neva replied:

    i love it! i want to go but it wont let me without age verification. stupid sl! costing creators sales! lol

    • Shane Kirshner replied:

      I KNOW. what’s with that? newsflash, sl: there are more pedos killing people on facebook than secondlife. D:

  5. Rynja Zephaniah replied:

    Hey its NOT a sex sim! Its an adult sim 😉 .
    I have a store in hairspray sim:
    But thats just only for the hair…:-S

  6. Rynja Zephaniah replied:


  7. sylvan replied:

    Love the hair. Got this too! 🙂

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