New Items from Djinn and Tonic

I reviewed Babyhoney Bailey’s new skins late last month, but this week she has released some funky new outfits, skins, and exclusive things that will be only released for the week for the grid-wide event, the Stumblebum Brigade. I think she was listening to Lady Gaga because that’s the feel of the outfits when I wear them. They also go well with Glitteratti’s new room props so check out her sim as well.

This is the very futuristic Death of a Lover // Roses, Noir. There’s another version Scarletta one with Roses. This outfit is the one that reminds me of Lady Gaga, especially in the hallway, and for some reason I dig the box on my head. No it isn’t for everyday wear, but I have to applaud Babyhoney’s attempt to push the SL envelope.

This dress is called, “To Be Considered Ugly,” and I do. Though I find it kind of cute. Like the detail on the flowers is really well done. I’ve never seen flowers sculpted like it in SL before. I also enjoy the Silent Film hat with the moving animated bird. I can’t tell where it begins or ends so I find myself staring at it.

This outfit (along with another color, teal,) is being sold for Stumblebum Brigade. Stumblebum Brigade is a cool idea where designers put up exclusive things in their stores for a week and once the week is over, it’s gone forever. It’s worth buying just for the leggings. The dress is somewhat sheer, though I think I’m wearing the pasties wrong, but there’s only a jacket layer. Or maybe it’s supposed to look that way.

DJinn& Tonic has also released a new make up.
[DT] MUA – MATTE Lip and [DT] MUA – MATTE Lip (Red)

Here’s your SLURL to check out all of the things DJinn & Tonic has to offer.


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