[Gos] Doc Boots by Gospel Voom

Gospel Voom is at it again. The first time I talked to you about him it was about his new sunglasses. Now it’s about his boots. What’s unique about these boots is that you buy only one pair of boots, and the rest of the colors come in texture packs. You don’t have to clutter your inventory with different pairs of boots, you can only wear one pair of boots and you color it just like you would the sunglasses. (Post found here.)

There are different combos you can up with. I’m only going to show you two different other colors. And also please ignore the fat legs!!



There are also options called Pristine, Abused, and Loose because the best boots, for me, are the ones that are a ltitle worn in. You can play with that along with the textures to find a boot that’s custom just for you.



The Loose look is probably my favorite look. These definitely remind me of Doc Martens, which is what I propose is Gospel’s inspiration. There are so much content and detail that go into making these shoes that explaining it all here would take forever. Seriously just get a pair, and the texture pack, and have fun.

Custom Footwear by Gos

Hair: *Kookie* Kate
Skins: Curio – Petal Frex (Light) Breeze Pure 4
Leggings: Maiiki – Long Leggings Black
Dress: Kenzie & Co – Plaid Chola
Boots: [Gos] Dos 8 Hole


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