Chaisuki Elise Skins.

It’s no secret if you’re a fan of my plurk that I’m a skin whore. I’m constantly changing. I can’t commit to a skin to save a life. I wish I was more like my partner Shane. She finds one skin, she sticks to it. Me? I don’t have an identity. I change too much.

I’ll give full credit to Gogo for blogging these skins first. I thought if they look good on her shape then they’ll have to look good on mine. I’m vain that way. I never change my shape to match a skin. I’m also lazy. This skin actually makes me look like a twenty six year old avatar if that makes any sense. Chai Kazan of Chaisuki has created a new face called Elise. Elise is available in four skin tones, two eyebrow options, hairbase, alternative breasts, tan line, and an option for pubic hair. The “cleavage” look is the base skin. If you want a non cleavage look, you’re going to have to wear one of the breast layers. That’s my only problem with the skin. I prefer the cleavage layers to be on an actual skin to save me from using a layer for a skin. Elise has 39 makeups in total and to show you all of the make ups would cause a massive flood on this website and the feeds we’re syndicated on. So instead I’d thought I show you the different lipsticks you can get with the skin. Of course there are at least 4 different options of eye shadow to go with each skin.

I took off everything I was wearing to inspect the body and nothing stood out abnormally, not even the ears which sometimes on most skins look crazy. The feet and nails both have a nice texture and the stomach isn’t as well defined as you see on most skins, but it isn’t a problem for me. I don’t like to see abs of steel on skins anyway.

Here’s the SURL to Chaisuki and check it out.

Other things you see:
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar – Regina Eyelashes 10
Top: Fishy Strawberry – Cotton Purple Top
Hair: Truth – Reese (Fudge)
Eyes: Poetic Color – Fairy Eyes Cinderella Bright


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