-Abode- is back.

I’m sorry for spamming the feeds, but this sale is too good to pass up! Aya Liotta is back with -Abode- and a new house she’s selling. – Abode- is a prefab home store that eventually will branch out to create commercial builds as well. Abode opened on Saturday with a treat. All of the builds are marked down until this evening. The Sephia Lake House, Aya’s new build, is only 500L! This sale will run out very soon. Aya also promises to keep the prices very reasonable and affordable. Now that she’s up and running with her store, she promises to at least give us a new build bi weekly. I could be changing my house a lot. The Sephia, named after her SL daughter, is a cozy home with a back and front porch, a living room, and two bedrooms. It’s a good house to live in, but if I kept it 100 percent real with you, the doors are too dark for my taste. If you’re on a lower graphic settings it’s hard to see the shadings on the door. I wish they were lighter, but it’s not stopping Shane and I from moving inside. I took three more pictures to show off the interior. We don’t have furniture in it yet, but if you’re good at decorating, we’d could use the help.

Check out -Abode- to see this build and the rest of the houses there. Remember the sale is running out tonight so go there now!


January 17, 2010. Tags: . MV-SL-Fashion, Review.

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