Surf Couture!

This is a true story here, no lie. I remember when I used to roleplay on the Kindly Sim (something I miss terribly btw) with my sister, Noelle Parisi. We were claiming to be twins and thus needed a wardrobe to match that. We were scouring the whole SL universe for something we can call our own and we ran into a little shop called Surf Couture. I’ve never heard of the shop before, but it had the cutest summery things in it. After going “OMG!!! WE FOUND A STORE”, Noelle and I went nuts and probably dropped 5K in an hour buying everything. The best buy were the basic flats, something I still wear to this day. Everyone asked where we got the flats from and we’d either “crash”, pretend we didn’t understand english, or ignore that person. There was one girl in particular who used to whine and whine and WHINE but we never told her where we got the items for. That was until one of our friend said “Lolz~ just inspect them~~” Though I’m against anti shields, I would have loved to have one back then. Surf Couture was our special store and every day we’d pop over to see if there was something new.

Fast forward to Friday, I had an offline from Emma Gilmour who asked said she liked reading my blog and wondered if I wanted to blog her new releases. Um, seriously? I’ve never geeked out over a person so much than I have her because I love her stuff hardcore. I watched her store grow for two years now and the thought she read Shane and I’s blog and she liked it??? Yeah, I fan girled. And I’m fan girling right here. I can’t help it. Surf Couture has been my shit for years now and each release is better than the release before. I know I sound like a nerd/stalker but these are quality clothes here. How do I know these are quality clothes? Well Shane was wearing the Havana Dress for hours with long hair and heels. Yes, SHANE. I should’ve snapped a picture of her.

There are new releases there that a lot of people have been blogging about which I think is a good thing. There’s the Havering Dress, Slouchy Thread Sweater, Belmar Skinny Jeans, Rendezvous Printed and V Necks. The Belmar Skinny jeans do not have any prims, but sock attachments to complete the look. Usually I don’t like skinny jeans without sculpties, but these are so well made. You shouldn’t really hide them with boots even though I did in one picture. They also come in an optional dot print version.

So after a lazy weekend, Shane and I realized we wanted to get this stuff out and show you how awesome Surf Co. is, as if you already didn’t know. Everything comes on all layers which is good if you’d like to create a stunning outfit to piece. I rambled enough, let’s get to the pics.

Here’s the SURL to Surf Couture! Go visit now!

On Clear:
Skin: Dutch Touch – Gwen

Pic One
Necklace: Urbanity – Pearl Necklace Black
Hair: Maitreya – Sasha (Haiti Relief 50L Item)

Pic Two
Flats: Fri.Day – Basic Flats (Gray)’
Hair: Fri.Day – Nicole

Pic Three
Hair: Truth – Gogo (mocha)
Glasses: Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glassic
Necklace: Hepatitis C – Dangling Hearts (IM Johnn Balzibo for his collection of jewlery)
Boots: A-Bomb – Dee Boots (Color Change)
Jacket: AOHaru – Down Jacket – Black (50% off)

On Shane:

Pic One
Hair: Bryce ~ Numb – Blacks – Midnight

Pic Two
Hair Bryce: Angst – Blacks – Midnight
Scarf: [Decoy] Mraz Scarf – Midnight
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots – Onyx

Pic Three
Hair: Gritty Kitty: Davinci Reloaded – grey
Necklace: *Miss 80s* CROW QUEEN necklace
Mouth: *UB* I Eats you D:
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – SlipOns
Undershirt: – Longsleeve Layering Tee (Black)

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