Second Spaces’ Uncle Hank Potting Shed

Second Spaces is happy to share with you the newest release: Uncle Hank’s Potting Shed. The full release includes the potting shed, the bench seat outside, and all the accessories seen inside! That includes seeds, pots, fertilizer. And also Uncle Hank’s secret alcohol stash and dirty girly magazines. The set is being released on Jan 30th as the SL Daily Deal – for that day only, the entire set will be available for just 350L, and only 100 copies will be available!!! After the SL Daily Deal has come to a close, the set will be available for 650L, and the individual pieces will also be available for purchase on their own. It can be found in the main location of Second Spaces.

All the pieces are soft linked together, so be sure to go into edit mode before rezzing it. After rezzing, you can move the pieces around if you want – they’re grouped together (mostly) logically, so you can move the entire shelf unit, or the entire work table, etc.

I’ve known Ellie Bellie for a very long time and she’s Shane’s not really but we say it anyway cousin. I love the textures of this and it reminds me of the shed my grandma used to have that I was always afraid to go in when I was a child. Memories!

Remember to go to Second Spaces tomorrow on the 30th and get this deal! Only 100 will be available at that price!!!


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