Agent Orange’s V-Day Releases!

Bits and bobs time, don’t you love it?

Ah, the word love. Thrown around in almost every corner of the globe, and sometimes held back by those who should and want to say it most. It’s a difficult thing, but, as is life. Indeed, somebody at some point in time decided to dedicate an entire day to the word, the emotion and the feeling. Walk anywhere IRL, and you’ll see hearts and teddy bears lining the walls of stores. Cards to friends, boyfriends, fiancee’s, girlfriends, wives, parents; Hallmark want to spread the commercial love via chocolates and vials of blood drained straight from the aorta.

Still, that said, this Valentine’s day is the first Valentine’s day in my long, uh, 16 years… (shuffles) that I’ve wanted to give. I love her, and sure I can love her any day, but I can also send her gifts if I choose to, since I can’t really send her gifts every day. So this is my first, and it’s weird. It’s also my first in SL, too though, and I was surprised that it’s celebrated there too (not really). But man, these little things from Agent Orange aren’t just good for the lovers, they’re also good for those who are against the day or are single (appealing to me in the last 2……15 years of my life) and they’re so well made that they please my aesthetically challenged self.

Take a look at the teddybear! There’s one to hold and a rezzable version. You can customize the cushions to say whatever you want. Give it to somebody you HEART for Valentine’s Day. At the other end of the spectrum, there is the Break Up Box. Play Rob Gordon and mope around with the Jay-Z mixtape they made for you last fall and a customizable picture frame you can drag your own textures into. These are SO much fun, I like them a lot. Salute, Agent O!


February 2, 2010. Tags: . Killer Post, MV-SL-Fashion.


  1. Agent Orange's V-Day Releases! « Les Girls! replied:

    […] View post:  Agent Orange's V-Day Releases! « Les Girls! […]

  2. Beryl Landar replied:

    that first pic is so cute.

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