MUA by Djinn & Tonic – Valentine’s Day Sale!

This was the notecard I received from Babyhoney Bailey of Djinn & Tonic.

For Valentine’s Day we’re going to be having our best skin sale yet! Skins are still marked at $L500 – but now we’re also going to GIVE SOME AWAY! When you purchase any two skins and/or fat packs from Djinn & Tonic, all you have to do is follow the instructions in this notecard and send it back to Babyhoney Bailey, and you’ll recieve two skins and/or fat packs free of charge!

Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to join the group to get your free Valentine’s edition skin! and make sure to visit the Valentine’s Day Bazaar going on now to pick up a limited edition makeup for only $50L! (LM: Valentines Bazaar )

1. Avatar name:
2. Transaction History information for both skins purchased:

3. Names & Tone of the skins you’d like:
(We encourage you to share the love and gift skins to friends! If you’d like to give your free skins away, please list the one or two avatars names here, and also which tone and makeup you’d like them to receive!)

Thanks so much for coming in, we’ll see you soon!
Babyhoney Bailey

• To obtain two free fat packs, you must first purchase two fat packs at the store price. This offer does no apply to buy one, get one.
• You must purchase two skin packs or two fat packs to be eligible.
•This offer is not good for buy one, get one – it’s buy two, get two only.
• Your skins will be delivered within 24 hours. If you haven’t gotten your skins in that time frame, please send your notecard again as SL may have had it for breakfast!

The skin I’m currently wearing is the group gift, MUA, Saint Valentine (Natural, Black). The bedroom I’l playing in is actually a pose room from Mudhoney Designs. It’s called “Rogue Getaway Photoble” Singles and couples poses are included. To access them, there is a red button on the outside of the Photoble on the right side. Just click it, and you’ll get a choice between singles and couple’s poses. Choose which you’d like, sit on the poseball and click ‘yes’ to animate when it asks! You need about 150 prims or more for this to rez properly. Once it does, it’s completely worth it! I’ll drag Shane in this and take more pictures definitely.

Hair: Truth – Gretel (Chestnut)
Heels: Armidi Gisaci – Viniani Heel – White
Bra & Panty set: Whippet & Buck – Frilly Little Set Tall Poppy
Tattoo: Love Letters – Let My Heart Go
Skin: DJinn & Tonic – Mua Saint Valentine (Natural, Black)

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