Jazz it, jazz it real good.

The other day, I zipped on over to one of my favourite stores on the grid, Intrigue Co., and noticed they had brand new sculpted coats. I grabbed one ASAP (they’re only 50L! Well worth it.) and along with it, one of their newer t-shirts that I hadn’t seen before; the tuxedo one. I’ve had a few tuxedo T’s in my inventory before, but I’ve deleted them all up until now. I adore this one. In the style of Clear, I decided to piece.

Shirt- Intrigue Co. – Tuxedo shirt
Jacket- Intrigue Co. – Black Coat (female)
Hair- [-B-] Darrel / +Blonde+
Pants-*BOOM* Pantime Pants – black
Shoes- Armidi Limited – Checkered S001 Shoe (Black)


February 24, 2010. Tags: , , , . Look of the Day, MV-SL-Fashion.

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