ACTION: Hair Sale – 50% OFF, Zack & Molly

Any of you who have been following this blog since our measly beginnings should know of my affinity for the store ACTION. It was one of the first places I found on the grid by myself, and bought many of my first outfits from its shelves. It was good then, but now it’s even better, so I was thrilled when MarilynMonroe Munroe sent out blogger application forms, so we could sign up for blogger packs. I was all over this, even in the midst of my busy week, and so the clothes I’m wearing will be featured in the next post I do tomorrow!

For now, everyone should run down to the store because until tomorrow, two beanie hairs will be for sale, half-price. The beanie is fully customisable. It has so many colours to choose from, and as an 800 beanie-owner IRL, I’m all over this.

Here’s the blog about it.

Here’s the landmark.

And here’s how sexy they both look on me:

ZACK – Medium Brown

Molly – Auburn


March 6, 2010. Tags: . MV-SL-Fashion, Review.

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