Coming soon! Tuli’s Eva Skin.

If you’re in Tuli’s group in December you got a sneak peak of what’s to come in 2010. In the past months Tuli has been working hard to come up with a new sim. The sim will open on March 18th and I’m sure there will be SURLS to follow as we’re currently four days away from the big release date. There won’t be any party, but there will be a new skin in celebration. Eva will be available in seven tones and three eyebrows (black, brown, and light). I’m wearing tone 4 with brown eyebrows. I’ve been looking for a skin to wear and I think I may have found it with Tuli. Here’s a little sneak peak as to what you can expect to see from Tuli when it reopens on the 18th of this month. Hope you enjoy!


March 13, 2010. Tags: . MV-SL-Fashion, Review, skins.

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