Tik Tok Don’t Stop.

I absolutely hate the song with every fiber of my being, but I like the store Tik Tok. This is a store owned by the lovely Miah McAuley who was gracious enough to give me a blogger’s preview of what she makes. What she makes are skins, jewelery, and accessories for women in SL. This is a somewhat skin review, but ultimately a big chance for me to play with the new hallway accessory at Glitterati. I’m going to review the Lelia (Pale) skin which I’m wearing with blonde and my favorite of all the skins, the Bunny (tan) with the brunette hair. Both skins come with an optional skin for the cleavage effect that’s all the rage around second life. The Bunny skin also comes in a teeth version. I know a lot of people like the teeth skin, but for me I don’t. It’s a personal taste because I don’t know if I have the right mouth for it. I really love the face on the bunny skins and though there are a couple of seams I don’t think they were that big of an issue to point out. It was near the inner leg anyway and if someone’s looking at your inner leg that badly they need to be your partner. I love the nipples on the skin, but for Feed purposes I put leaves over the nipples. I’m so modest.I don’t know if this is her first attempt at skins or not, but overall I like the effort. The Lelia skins are soft and innocent while the Bunny skins scream sexpot to me. I recommend you check out a demo and even pick up some of the beaded necklaces and rose accessories.

Tik Tok – Cherry Blossom
Tik Tok – Blossom Beads3 low parts black
Skin: Bunny Tan BT Carrot

Tik Tok – Blossom Beads Single Long Silver
Tik Tok – Rose Classik Red
Skin: Bunny Teeth Green

Lelia Pale – Natural
Tik Tok – Beads No Blossom Silver
Rose – Tik Tok Rose Soft pink

Skin: Lelia – Pale Smoke
Sets: Tik Tok – Blossoms Set

Visit TIK TOK now!

March 14, 2010. Tags: . MV-SL-Fashion, Review, skins.


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