We need your help!

I don’t know how many readers know, but I’m an SL musician. Last week I was invited to join a competition called LIL EGYPT’S GOT TALENT, did a 10 minute audition and got through to the second round. The second round seems to be all about voting, so I hope it’s not in bad taste for me to mention it here, but I’d love support if it’s in you guys to give.

See, it’s gonna be a tight competition and it’s going to be a hard one to win, but the possibility of the prize there it would be pretty much a blessing, because every single linden I make on SL goes to my paypal, which, when the market improves, will go to my bank to make money to see Clear. We call it The Cause, and it’s difficult.

Anyway, THIS LIMO will take you to a room full of pictures of the finalists, and it’s just the beginning of the ride, but I’d love the opportunity to be on it. I don’t really understand the voting rules or anything like that, but it says voters can vote once per day and ends on March 15.

I’m determined to work my ass off for this, and just so you’re not going in blindly, here’s my music myspace and my band, Dead Heathers’ myspace.

March 14, 2010. Causes, MV-SL-Fashion.

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