It’s that time again, it’s that place, it’s duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh–ACTION. In this week are new unisex jeans. Striped and Reverse Striped. Any budding rockstars, such as myself, might want to go and have a look at these. Each come in three different styles; loose, skinny and rolled. Love, love, love. There’s also men’s underwear, that I love wearing. They come in regular and sheer, but obviously, and thankfully, I’ve never put the sheer ones on to see what they mean! Still, they’re awesome, and I like how I pieced this outfit. Everything else under the cut..!


Top- Action Women’s Bandeau Top – Rose
Underwear – Action Mens Panties Jocky – Classic & Red (NEW RELEASE)
Pants- – Action Unisex Denim Jeans – Striped & Reverse Striped (NEW RELEASE)
Hair- (epoque hair) Sweat – Brown tones
Shoes- PornStar Slip-ons MultiColor


March 19, 2010. Tags: . MV-SL-Fashion, Review.


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