Jewelery and the poses for them.


I don’t want to say Katey Coppola was the first to create jewelery poses, but I can’t say I remember seeing any poses. If you know of someone else who makes jewelery poses, please point me in their direction. The poses I’m using for the following pictures are from the Pose Fair at the Glitterati stand.

I’m going to feature three stores: AlaMood, Garage, and Tik Tok. I hope you enjoy all of the jewelery here as well as the poses. Also, the hair I’m wearing in this post is from Tiny Bird. It’s an old 50L Friday hair and I’m not entirely sure if it’s still at the store. The skin is a group gift from a new store called !Imabee. It’s worth checking out. I looked at the notices and the owner is working very hard to make his skins be the best they possibly can be. I haven’t got the chance to look around it completely, but I like what I see so far.





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  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Jewelery and the poses for them. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. Phoenix Chapman replied:

    LAP made some a long time ago – Eye Candy and Material Girl are what the sets are called now.

    • Clear Canning replied:

      Thank you so much. I am going to check those out later today or tomorrow!

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