reBourne’s Toronto Heights.

Danny Bourne of reBourne has done it again. Recently he’s going to release a new skybox prefab to please all of us with. The new skybox he’s working on is called Toronto Heights and even though the value of the prefab is $9500L, there is a lot of content put into it to keep it at 365 prims. With the help of Bunny Blindside (her blog is here), I was able to have high res photos of this home. There are so many textures and items that it was really hard to get it to rez on my computer! I’m going to show you a couple of photos to get you excited about this build and for you to see just why it’s sold at $9500L. There’s also a demo of it in world I’ll link you to.

At first glance it looks like a house on land, but no. The thing that’s unique about the reBourne builds are that they’re skyboxes with detailed scenery outside of the build to give you the sense of being somewhere other than in the sky and in the box. I’ve lived in both the Manhattan and Soho skyboxes and I can see with each new build the outer area Danny works on is improving greatly. As you can see there’s a decorative wall with a waterfall as well as a large pool that would be perfect for parties. I get a good sense of Los Angeles when I look at this build.

Toronto Heights can fit on a 4096 plot. It also has two bedrooms, shower, a walk in closet space (and a closet decoration you can buy for extra), kitchen, living room a porch, decking area, balconies everywhere, and an office and a gym space. That’s a lot of room! And you’ll have fun with decorating it!

Not a fan of decoration? Neither am I. I never know where to put things or how to rearrange it for the best look, especially in SL. Danny Bourne has worked with the creators of Corn for furniture that was specifically made for this build. The furniture for Toronto Heights build will be sold separately from the initial $9500L. With all of the furniture inside of Toronto Heights it’s worth about $15,000L, but it’s going to be sold for only $3500L. You can also buy the individual furniture pieces if you’d rather do it that way too.

To get the detailed put into the textures of this, you have to click on the pictures. I didn’t resize them and I didn’t edit them. Thank you Bunny with the pictures. This is just a small taste of what you can have if you buy this build. Remember to go look at the demo of it in world before you purchase anything. I know people may think that’s way too much money to spend on a house, but you have to look at the detailed put int this house first before you make a fair assessment. The demo of the house is up for everyone to see plus the furniture you can look at before you buy.

Visit reBourne for not only this build but an assortment of others and furniture.


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  1. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » reBourne’s Toronto Heights. replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  2. JeanGenie Jewell replied:

    nothing at the LM..i fell 4000m from sky lo

  3. JeanGenie Jewell replied:

    very nice..pity is a skybox i would love it on my beach!

  4. Amanda Shinji replied:

    Having looked at it, i have to say that it’s full of basic texturing errors… Really simple stuff that any competent builder shouldn’t let slip through their fingers…

    It looks nice from a distance, but when you get close, you realise that it’s all just flashy baked shadows and thats really all. The reflections baked into the interior glass don’t match the layout of the rooms and also mean that if you furnish the house differently, things are gonna look really strange… Also, the whole house seems to have been linked up to the control system, so the little panels are redundant, because anywhere you click in the house, the menu annoyingly pops up…

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice build, but it’s overcomplicated in some areas and the attention to detail with the basics, or lack thereof really let this down…

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